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RideCo Employee Highlight: Chris Murray- Wheel Building Master

Stephanie Fryer

Hello there!

We've recently partnered up with RideCo bike shop here in Colorado Springs to bring you plenty of goodness in the way of wheel reviews, bike reviews, weekly classes at RideCo, and everything in between. 

First up we are doing a highlight on RideCo's very own wheel building master: Chris Murray



Often times in the bike industry there are people who do not get the notoriety they truly deserve. In an effort to help turn this trend around, and to bring some of the more incredible talents and exploits of the staff here at RideCo to light, we’ve decided to put together a series to spotlighting them.

First up is Chris Murray.

What would you think is a large number of wheels to build? 100? 300? 500? In a recent interview, Chris was quoted saying “I stopped keeping count at 1000 pairs of wheels.”

Chris has been building wheels for 8 years, since he was at Harpers Bike Shop in Knoxville, Tennessee. Forty mile commutes plus long training rides during the weekend on rough eastern Tennessee roads can wreak havoc on wheels. Chris began building his own wheels after one too many broken spokes on those long rides. There’s no better impetus to find a solution than having self preservation on the line everyday. Three years ago Chris began specializing in wheel building and hasn’t looked back. The exploits done on Chris’ wheels are fairly lengthy, so we’ve just included a short list of some really cool projects he has been involved in. To learn more about Chris and the projects he has been worked with, visit his personal blog at

-Fixie Dave (Dave Nice)- Dave is currently pedaling his way across the country riding a pair of wheels built by Chris. Dave is aiming to complete Route 66 on a fixed gear Bombtrack Arise bike. Dave’s wheels were build with a White Industries fixed rear hub, SON 28 dynamo front hub to allow the charging of devices and an endless supply of power for lights laced to Velocity A23 tubeless road rims with Wheelsmith DB14 spokes.

-Daniel Burton pedaled a wheel of Chris’ across the South Pole.

-Ray Middleton is a vision impaired Paralympic athlete, and is a stoker on the back of a tandem. Chris built Ray a set of 88mm deep dish carbon wheels for time trialing. This was an interesting build as the rear axle on his Powertap hub was specially machined by Jeff Tessier to be spaced from the usual 130mm to 145mm tandem spacing allowing him to track total power output from both the stoker and captain.

-The shop owner, Bubba Hayes, and two of his daughters, Emily and Ashley, run Chris’ custom wheels on all of their BMX race rigs.

Attention to detail is creates the magic in Chris’ work. Chris hand cuts most of his spokes. By doing this he can ensure correct size, and he only has to order a handful of different length spokes that will cover 90% of wheels he builds. For those who are curious, Chris also uses a Morizumi Spoke Machine to custom cut and roll threads onto his spokes.

Chris was once the lead wheel builder at Borealis Fatbikes where he built an average of 8-12 wheels per day and helped develop products that shaped the fatbike industry before deciding it was time to move on after a change in ownership at the company. Chris’ passion shines through in every set of wheels he stamps with his personalized stickers as he sends them out the doors with their new owners. Chris builds wheels for every day recreational riders, top tier ultra endurance riders, elite BMX racers, professional mountain bikers, and everyone in between.

Quality doesn’t always equate to expense. Chris is able to build at a price point to match your needs. Chris also offers a guarantee against spoke breakage and free touch up work for as long as you own the wheels.

Not sure what route you should go? Are you just curious about why you should pick up a set of custom wheels?  Chris has extensive experience in wheel building for all cycling disciplines and would love to talk about how he can help you in building a set of wheels like you’re guaranteed to love.

As we go forward, we will also be including some exciting product reviews that will include several different wheel sets built by Chris. Stay tuned for more!

Until next time, 

Geoff and Steph

P.S. All Fryer Performance athletes get 10% when you visit RideCo bike shop or 10% off a wheel order from Chris!


Do Dreams Come True?

Stephanie Fryer

Had a blissful ride at Palmer Park yesterday. It was warm enough for shorts but not warm enough to melt the shadowed areas. Hidden ice patches tends to keep you on your toes!

Had a blissful ride at Palmer Park yesterday. It was warm enough for shorts but not warm enough to melt the shadowed areas. Hidden ice patches tends to keep you on your toes!

I shared this picture and a little blurb on our social media feeds this weekend, but I felt like it needed more attention than just a quick post. 

When I was younger, I remember coming across an article by Mark Weir that discussed his general training for mountain bike racing. In the article, he mentioned that one way he was able to get more ride time was to ride to and from the trails. At the time I was living with my parents and just getting into mountain bike racing. After reading the article I remember fantasizing about the ability to actually gear up, leave my front door, and ride to the trails for a shred session. Our house was a 20 minute drive to the nearest trail, so it just wasn't possible, for a number of reasons. I simply continued to read more articles and dream. 

The notion of getting from point A to point B via self propelled locomotion has always been an obsession of mine. So when I would conjure up scenarios of myself cruising down the road, day dreaming, getting my ride in at the trails, then heading back home utterly exhausted, held a special place in my heart. 

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon.....As I was leaving Palmer Park headed back on the 15 min or so cruise back home, I started up at Pikes Peak and suddenly came to the realization that I was in fact living out that dream that started so long ago. Then it hit me again, I had been living out this dream for sometime with out realizing it. Living in Colorado Springs, I can ride to almost any trail with just a 15-25min door to trail time. Its truly amazing. As it sank in over the ride home, this realization kept hitting me like a ton of bricks. I even started to think back to my years at ETSU (East Tennessee State University) where we had on-campus trails and that my friends and I were the ones responsible for building and maintaining. 

After mulling it over, I realized how funny it was that sometimes we attain a goal or realize a dream in life without realizing we have done so. In today's society, we tend to get caught up in attaining one goal after the other after the other, that we sometimes forget that after a while, we have actually achieved, and in many cases, exceeded those dreams and goals. 

So with that, whatever you used to dream about when  you were little, whoever you fantasized about being, or whatever you still dream of doing, Steph and I implore you to pursue that dream with unadulterated abandon. I know that is a cliche that has been beaten to death time and time again. Is chasing dreams easy? No, certainly not. But has anything in life that is worth while ever come easy? The life lessons that are talked about over and over, such as this topic, are continually revisited because people are continually finding new ways to live out their dreams. Chasing your dreams requires thinking outside of the box and having commitment to that dream. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way. 

As a closing note on the story, I wanted to just say that realization of a dream created as a child, as a college student, or created last year, is one of the greatest ways to feed your soul. And on the front side of that, the everyday pursuit of a dream bigger than yourself is the best fuel for the fire of your soul. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! 

Have fun and be happy, 

Geoff and Steph