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Self-Assessment: A guided process to asking yourself those hard questions

Stephanie Fryer


Fall is a season for transition. You may be finishing your competitive season, getting ready to peak for that big race, or just beginning to ramp up into competition. Whether the summer ended with a national title, PR's, or a trip to the doctor, one thing that remains a constant is that we can all use the changing seasons to spur some self-assessment.

What were your goals this year? Did you reach them?

Did you do everything in your power to have the best season/race as possible?

Did you get hurt? Any idea why? 

Have you thought about your plan going forward? 

We, as coaches, can only do so much to help our clients. Our ultimate goal is to give them the tools needed to make informed decisions about their own careers. We give our objective feedback to the athletes, but the athlete needs to also be able to ask themselves the difficult questions that will help them understand their journey to grow as a person and athlete.  

Over the coming weeks, we will be posing some questions that should help you reflect on yourself and your goals. We will be giving explanations of what to do with the information you've gleaned from these questions.

We are super excited to hear your feedback on the question of the week and would love to hear if you have any suggestions as well. Leave comments below with any questions you may have stockpiled! 

Until next time, 

Geoff and Steph