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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Performance Blog



Being Mindful in a Mindless World

Stephanie Fryer

In today’s world we spend so much time totally unaware of the wonderful world spinning around us. Most of us are constantly lost in our busy schedules, smart phones, TV shows to catch up on, etc. Have you ever been jamming out to your favorite song in the car and after several minutes, things suddenly become more clear? You take notice of the beautiful mountains, the billowing clouds, and the general clarity of ever thing around you? In that instance you think to yourself: "I never want to leave this moment."

We are here to help you learn more about that experience, and how to harness its power. We are starting a new blog series on being mindful. The term is thrown around a lot these days, so we are sure you have heard it, but many of you many not fully understand what being mindful really means... It is doing your best to stay in the moment, to pull yourself away from your thoughts, and to engage in the world around you. 

Here at Fryer Performance Coaching, practicing mindfulness is a huge part of every day. Being mindful helps us in everything from running multiple businesses, to our own training, and to how we help others achieve the most out of their lives.

Look for updates in the following weeks when we will cover ways of practicing mindfulness, recommendations of our favorite books, and how to help integrate mindfulness into your life to help you be truly awesome.