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Colorado Springs, Colorado

Let's Play!

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Let's Play!

Stephanie Fryer

Do you remember how to play? Do you really?

If you go to any playground, you'll see kids of all ages running, jumping, and swinging like they don't have a care in the world. And quite honestly, they don't. Children are the best examples of people truly living in the moment. They don't have years and years of expectations and obligations weighing them down and pulling away their attention. And we should all take notes, and learn the importance of play.

If training and staying fit becomes a chore, if you have to talk yourself into going to the gym everyday, or bribe yourself with that ice cream or cheat meal afterwards, then it's going to be very hard for you to stay with your training longterm. So lets take this gorgeous fall weather, and take back our health. Take your kids to the park and engage with them. Play tag, slide down the slide, or teach the next generation the art of 4square. Find a group of friends to join you for a game of kickball or football. If you are still training seriously, mix in some play into your program. Find an activity that compliments your sport, but allows you to let loose. Are you a triathlete? Instead of swimming, play a game of water polo in the deep end. Cyclist? Find an open soccer field and play tag on your bike. The possibilities are endless!

So let's get out and have fun this weekend. Be creative, enjoy the moment, and play.