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Colorado Springs, Colorado


Fryer Family Fold is a website design to document the ups and downs of newlyweds Steph and Geoff as they tackle life as cyclists, homeowners, entrepreneurs, explorers and dreamers. Check in every week to follow the twists and turns of this crazy, beautiful experience that we call life. 


Steph is a former pole vaulter, runner, and gymnast that has taken up cycling in an effort to be nicer to her lovely body. She has dreams of one day traveling the world, knitting a scarf, becoming a chef, and living in an earthship. 


Geoff is a cyclist for everyone. He has raced in downhill, dual slalom, and BMX and is currently a track cyclist. He hopes to one day travel the world with Steph, keep a bonsai tree alive, become a woodworker, and build a cozy cabin in the Colorado mountains.


We met in the mountains of East Tennessee, while we were both studying at East Tennessee State University. Our love made it through six moves over 1,400 miles, and it stayed strong when we went from living four states apart, to living in less than 500 sq ft. We have finally landed on our feet in a happy little home with two kids, I mean cats, with a view of the best mountains there are: the Colorado Rockies. And after three proposals and two years, we finally tied the knot this fall and our excited to start our new lives together as husband and wife! (For the record, Steph said yes to every proposal.)